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Hiring and Recruitment Policies/Procedures

After an extensive consultative process which included many one-on-one meetings with Department members for whom recruitment and hiring is part of their leadership role as well as consultation with Dr. Saroo Sharda, Associate Dean Equity & Inclusion – Faculty of Health Sciences, we are proud to share the latest policies and procedures related to recruitment and hiring with all members of our Department.

Please find the latest version of our Standard Operating Procedures/Policies for Recruitment of Faculty and Leadership Roles here.

This document sets out the process that should be followed for any hiring/recruitment for any faculty position within our Department, including for any leadership positions.  It should be noted that as our Department is attempting to make changes to our hiring and recruitment processes, the University as a whole and the Faculty of Health Sciences specifically are also committed to a specific EDI strategy.  Therefore, all internal practices and policies with respect to hiring and recruitment will need to fall into alignment.  The search process for faculty recruitment should comply with the McMaster University Hiring Guidelines and Policies and Procedures for the Recruitment and Selection of Faculty Members:

Searches will be initiated by the Heads of Service (Division Heads) for new faculty recruitment and the Associate Chairs or Chairs (or their delegates) for Department leadership roles.  They will identify the Search Chair (themselves or delegated).  Search committee members will bring together a diverse mix of faculty, administrative staff and sometimes trainees to generate multiple perspectives.  It is highly recommended that at least one member of each search committee have completed the Employment Equity Facilitator Training through McMaster University Human Resources Services.  Any faculty members who are interested in completing this training, please see here:  Training dates for 2024 have not yet been announced.

A standardized list of interview questions, including at least one or two specifically related to EDI, will be developed by the chair of each search committee in collaboration with search committee members and this will formulate an interview rubric.  Search committee chairs can reach out for support from the Associate Chair, EDI & IR to accomplish this task.  Please find a sample interview rubric here. If you would like access to the Departmental Interview Question Bank, please contact me and I would be happy to provide you with this document that can be used to create individualized interview rubrics.

If you have any questions or concerns about any of these documents or the latest hiring/recruitment policies/procedures, please contact me at or and I would be happy to discuss these further.

Albina Veltman
Associate Chair, Equity Diversity Inclusion & Indigenous Reconciliation