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Over 400 million persons world-wide suffer from a mental disorder, including depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, dementia and developmental disorders such as autism. Most major severe mental illnesses are highly heritable, have strong genetic underpinnings, emerge in childhood and adolescence, and run a lifelong chronic course. A better understanding and treatment of mental health is a major unmet need.

The CCN is a research hub for psychiatry and behavioural neurosciences. The Centre uses  a multidisciplinary approach to better understand mechanisms sustaining mental health and further apply these to develop new treatments. In this way, the CCN bridges the gap between research and the clinic.


Flavio Kapczinski, MSc, MD, PhD, FRCP(C)


Benicio Frey, MSc, MD, PhD

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Dr. Benicio Frey

Our Mission and Vision

Our Mission
Translating neuroscience into clinical practice

Our Vision
The CCN brings together key faculty from the Department of Psychiatry & Behavioural Neurosciences and St. Joseph’s HealthCare Hamilton and other partners from McMaster University. It takes a societal as well as a clinical perspective and will emphasize the translation and application of new knowledge and discoveries to individual patient’s organizations (improving treatment efficacy across a system) and communities (population focus). 

By understanding clinical outcomes at early stages and developing better personalized treatment plans for psychiatric patients; and towards further development and testing of risk calculators for complex outcomes such as disability.

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