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50th Anniversary

As you may have heard, we had a fantastic 50th Anniversary Celebration reunion​ on June 2-3, 2017 and it was terrific that so many of the original members of the Department, including our founding chair Nate Epstein, were able to join us and have such a good time! 

A big thank you to everyone involved with the planning and organizing of the various events over the weekend. We couldn't have done it without you all. 

As part of the preparations for our celebration, we decorated our academic area at W5th with pictures, memorabilia and press cuttings, plus a six panel history of the Department, all of which help to tell our story. Come by our area on the 3rd floor at W 5th to have a look.

West 5th Dept



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306-psychiatry 50th anniversary-2017

306-psychiatry 50th anniversary-2017

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