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Psychiatry Clerkship MedSIS Evaluation

  • All clerks must receive a mid-point evaluation (time 2.5 weeks) and final evaluation (5.5 weeks).
  • The MD program is absolutely striving for ALL students to have their final evaluation completed very shortly after their rotation. As there are many steps involved in doing this, it is crucial that rotation supervisors complete their on-line evaluations ASAP so that tutors can then use this information to complete their evaluations.
  • Evaluations are done on line, through Medsis
  • However, evaluations should still be discussed in-person with the students, along with reviewing progress of the ECE tracker

Sample evaluation forms:

Please note that most students are average (i.e. meets expectations). Only when students attain clerkship objectives in an exceptional way (see Final Objectives) and demonstrate exceptional skills and attitude, should they be given a numerical score above "meets expectations"

Comments are essential and necessary, so please take the time to write comments, even for the mid-point evaluation

  • Comments are the ONLY part of the evaluation form which appear on the final transcript
  • Tutors use both the numerical scales as well as the comments to write the final narrative for the final transcript, so individual supervisor evaluations at mid-point and final point are pivotal
  • Comments should be behaviourally anchored, descriptive, and aligning with the knowledge, skills and attitudes domains upon which students are evaluated
  • Please see the very helpful Guidelines for Faculty Comments for writing comments on evaluations
  • Please see Professionalism in Practice Grid for anchored criteria and examples to support your evaluation

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