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CBME Faculty Development Opportunities



CBME Faculty Development Opportunities


Faculty are required to complete 2 hours of learning about CBME this academic year (July 1, 2018 - June 30, 2019). Below you will find a listing complete with links, of ways in which you can easily learn about CBD, to meet the 2 hour requirement. 

How to Track and Submit your 2 hours:

  1. Complete the CBME Learning Activities - Faculty Tracking Form
  2. Submit the completed form to Lesley Wellington ​( by June 30, 2019

McMaster's Guide to Competency Based Medical Education: "Everything You Wanted to Know About CBME but Were Afraid to Ask"
This is an easy to read, comprehensive guide to CBME, developed by McMaster Postgraduate Medical Education. Print it out or save it electronically for easy reference.  MAC-CBME Guide
Follow these links to Introductory Information on CBD:

McMaster CBME Lunch Club

An informal, interactive forum for faculty, residents and administrative staff to share their CBME-related research and engage in CBME scholarship.

Attend in person at MDCL 3118 or via video conference from SJH-West 5th, Room B375.

Nick's Psychiatry Digest

Look for the CBD Update a section in the Digest for links to quick, easy opportunities for learning about CBME.

RCPSC Website

Another place with lots of quick, easy learning opportunities including infosheets, slide sets, and videos. Click here.

Royal College CBD Webinar Series


Click here.

McMaster Postgraduate Medical Education CBME Website


One more place to find quick, easy learning opportunities including information of what is happening right here at McMaster. Click here.

McMaster Program for Faculty Development
The Program for Faculty Development will be offering a number of workshops on CBD topics each year. Check out this year's offering on their website. Click here.
Small Group Sessions
Small group sessions will be coming to individual clinical programs over the next year, with information, and instruction specific to supervision of residents within that program in the new CBD model.
Department Rounds Presentations on CBD
If you attended Department Rounds by Drs. Harms and Saperson on June 6, 2018, include this on your CBME Learning Activities form!

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