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Mike has been an addiction clinician, research/evaluation collaborator, educator, and policy analyst with CAMH. Mike is also a faculty associate with The Peter Boris Centre for Addictions Research and The Centre for Medicinal Cannabis Research. He has been a recipient of the John C. Sibley Award for Excellence in Health Sciences Research and Education at McMaster. Mike’s interests include epidemiology of drug problems and drug policy. He has provided consultation on cannabis legalization to Committees of the Canadian Senate, House of Commons and provincial governments of Ontario and Quebec. His most recent publication is Cannabis Law Reform in Canada: Pretense & Perils.

Current interests include epidemiology of drug problems and drug policy.

Drug Promotion, Problems, Policy: 

Peter Boris Centre for Addiction Research

Featured Publications

  • DeVillaer, Michael, Goodstadt, Michael, Kahan, Meldon, Scott, Fran. (2001). Substance Use Disorders: Community Medicine (Vol. 10) . Toronto: Project CREATE.
  • Maudsley, Robert F., Wilson, Donald R., Neufeld, Victor R., Hennen, Brian K., DeVillaer, Michael R., Wakefield, Jacqueline, Macfadyen, John, Turnbull, Jeffrey M., Weston, W. Wayne, Brown, Merrilee G., Frank, Jason R., & Richardson, Denise.  (2000). "Educating future physicians for Ontario: Phase II".  Academic Medicine, 75(2), p.113-126.
  • DeVillaer, Michael. (1996). “Establishing and using a community inter-agency client monitoring system to develop addictions treatment programs”.  Addiction, 91(5), p.701-709.
  • Carver, V., Bernardi, D., Gavin, M., DeVillaer, M., & Sobol, L. (1995).   “The development of assessment and referral services in Ontario: The role of ARF Community Programs staff”. Contemporary Drug Problems, (Spring), p.43-59.
  • Reynolds, D.L., Chambers, L.W., & DeVillaer, M. (1992). "Measuring alcohol abuse in the community: Consumption, binge drinking, and alcohol-related consequences (alcoholism)". Canadian Journal of Public Health, 83 (6), p.441-447.


  • MASc, Psychology, University of Waterloo, 1978
  • BA (Hons.) in Psychology, University of Waterloo, 1976


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