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Dr. Nowakowski is a Clinical and Health Psychologist in the Pain Clinic at St. Joseph's Healthcare Hamilton and an Assistant Clinical Professor (PT) in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioural Neurosciences at McMaster University.  She received her Ph.D. in clinical psychology from Ryerson University in 2014 and her Ph.D. in experimental psychology from McMaster University in 2009. She also completed a predoctoral residency at St. Joseph's Healthcare Hamilton. She is actively involved in clinical service, research, supervision, and teaching. Dr. Nowakowski's clinical interests include cognitive-behavior therapy and mindfulness-based interventions for patients with chronic pain.  She has several publications in peer-reviewed journals and has presented at numerous national and international conferences.  

Featured Publications

Nowakowski, M.E., McCabe, R.A. (2017). Panic Disorder: Treatment. In A.E. Wenzel (Ed.), The SAGE encyclopedia of abnormal and clinical psychology. Thousand Oaks, CA: SAGE Publications.

Nowakowski, M.E., Rowa, K. Antony, M.M., & McCabe, R.E. (2016). Changes in anxiety sensitivity following group cognitive-behaviour therapy for social anxiety disorder and panic disorder. Cognitive Therapy and Research, 40, 468-478.

Nowakowski, M.E., McCabe, R., Rowa, K., Surette, M., Moayyedi, P., & Anglin, R. (2016). The gut microbiome: Potential implications for the understanding and treatment of psychopathology. Canadian Psychology, 57, 67-75.

Nowakowski, M.E., Antony, M.M., & Koerner, N. (2015). Modifying interpretation biases: Effects on symptomatology, behavior, and physiological reactivity in social anxiety. Journal of Behavior Therapy and Experimental Psychiatry, 49, 44-52.

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 Nowakowski, M.E., McFarlane, T., & Cassin, S. (2013). Alexithymia and eating disorders: A critical review. Journal of Eating Disorders, 1:21.


  • Ph.D. (Clinical Psychology), Ryerson University, 2014
  • Predoctoral Residency, St. Joseph's Healthcare Hamilton, 2014
  • Ph.D. (Experimental Psychology), McMaster University, 2009
  • B.H.Sc. (Honours), McMaster University, 2006

Research Areas

  • Chronic pain
  • Role of psychological factors in the treatment and management of chronic pain
  • Treatment outcomes and mechanisms of cognitive-behavioural interventions for patients with chronic pain
  • Anxiety and related disorders: Etiological and maintenance factors, treatment outcomes and mechanisms of cognitive-behavioural interventions

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