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Joseph Gabriele


Dr. Gabriele's research as a basic/translational scientist involves bridging basic scientists and clinicians.  Specifically, his research interests include the molecular biology aspects of mental illness, specifically schizophrenia and autism. His laboratory is currently working on biological markers implicated in psychosis. He uses numerous molecular biology techniques including: Real-Time PCR; Epigenetics; Cloning protocols; immunohistochemistry.

(Key words: Schizophrenia, Neuropharmacology, Catecholamine regulated proteins, Gene Expression, Epigenetics)

Featured Publications

  • Gabriele J, Chong V, Pontoriero G, and Mishra RK. (2005). Decreased expression of a 40kDa catecholamine regulated protein in the ventral striatum of schizophrenic brain specimens from the Stanley Neuropathology Consortium. Schizophrenia Res, 74, 111-119.
  • Gabriele J, Thomas N, N-Marandi S, Mishra RK (2007).  Differential modulation of a catecholamine regulated protein 40kDa in the core and shell sub-compartments of the nucleus accumbens following chronic quinpirole and haloperidol administration in the rat. Synapse,61:835-842.


PhD, Neuropharmacology, McMaster University

Research Areas

Academic Supervision Accepting Graduate Students through:

  • McMaster Institute for Neuroscience, Discovery and Science (MiNDS)
  • Medical Sciences, Faculty of Health Sciences

Supervises CPA/APA Psychology Interns through St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton

More Info

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