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Dr. McNeely completed her Ph.D. is Psychology at the University of Waterloo and a postdoctoral fellowship in the Schizophrenia Division at CAMH and Rotman Research Institute. She began her career as a clinician scientist at CAMH and joined the Schizophrenia program at St. Joseph's Healthcare Hamilton (SJHH) and McMaster University in 2005 where her work has focused on training/education and clinical service. She is currently Head of Neuropsychology, SJHH and Director of Continuing Education & Interprofessional Faculty Development for the Department of Psychiatry & Behavioural Neurosciences, McMaster.

Featured Publications

McInerney, S.J., McNeely, H.E.,Geraci, J. Giacobbe, P. Rizvi, S.J., Ceniti, A.K., Cyriac, A., Mayberg, H.S.,  Lozano, A.M. & Kennedy, S.H. (2017).  Neurocognitive Predictors of Response in Treatment Resistant Depression to Subcallosal Cingulate Gyrus Deep Brain Stimulation.Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, Vol 11, Article 74

Pyrke RJ, McKinnon MC, McNeely HE, Ahern C, Langstaff KL & Bieling PJ (2017). Evidence-Based Design Features Improve Sleep Quality Among Psychiatric Inpatients.  Health Environments Research & Design Journal, Article first published online: January 1, 2017  DOI:

McNeely, H.E.,Mayberg, H.S., Lozano, A.M. & Kennedy, S.H. (2008).  Neuropsychological impact of Cg25 deep brain stimulation for treatment-resistant depression: Preliminary results over 12 months. The Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease196,405-410.

Rybak, Y., McNeely, H.E., Mackenzie, B., Jain U. & Levitan, R.D. (2006).  An open trial of light therapy in Adult Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.  The Journal of Clinical Psychiatry67,1527-1535.

Meyer, J.H.,McNeely, H.E., Sagrati, S., Boovariwala, A., Martin, K., Verhoeff, N.P.L.G., Wilson, A.A., & Houle, S. (2006).  Elevated Putamen DReceptor Binding Potential In Major Depression With Motor Retardation:An [11C] Raclopride Positron Emission Tomography Study.  American Journal of Psychiatry163, 1594 – 1602.

Mayberg, H., Lozano, A.M., Voon, V., Kennedy, S.K., McNeely, H.E., Hamani, C., Schwalb, J.M., Seminowicz, D. (2005).  Deep Brain Stimulation for Treatment-Resistant Depression.  Neuron, 45, 1-10.

McNeely, H.E., Dywan, J. & Segalowitz, S.J. (2004).  ERP Indices of Emotionality and Semantic Cohesiveness during Recognition Judgements.  Psychophysiology, 41, 117-129.

McNeely, H.E., Christensen, B.K, West, R. & Alain, C. (2003).  Neurophysiological evidence for disturbances of conflict processing in patients with schizophrenia. Journal of Abnormal Psychology, 112, 679-688.

Alain, C., McNeely, H.E., Yu, H., Christensen, B.K. & West, R. (2002).Neurophysiological evidence of error monitoring deficits in patients with Schizophrenia. Cerebral Cortex, 12: 840-846.

Clinical and Research Interests

Dr. McNeely's research interests focus on cognition, social cognition and neurophysiological functioning as predictors of outcome and treatment response in individuals with severe mental illness.  Current work involves studies of personality and temperament as they relate to quality of life and response to psychosocial interventions in schizophrenia, as well as a longitudinal outcome study of ECT for depression.


  • Bachelor of Arts, Sociology, Class I standing, Queen's University, 1992
  • Honours Bachelor of Arts, Psychology, Class I standing, Lakehead University, 1994
  • Master of Arts, Psychology, Carleton University, 1996
  • Doctor of Philosophy, Psychology, University of Waterloo, 1999
  • Post-Doctoral Fellowship, Centre for Addiction & Mental Health, 2001
  • Registration, College of Psychologists of Ontario, 2001

Research Areas

This faculty member is a core member of the Research and Clinical Training (RCT) stream in the Department of Psychology, Neuroscience and Behaviour at McMaster University.  

Examining the interplay between psychiatric, cognitive and social factors as they relate to functional and/or treatment outcome in persons with severe mental illness.

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