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Brenda Key


Dr. Key received her Ph.D. from the University of Calgary and completed her pre-doctoral residency training at Calgary Clinical Psychology Residency program.  She is a psychologist at the Mood Disorders Program and the Anxiety Treatment and Research Centre. Her clinical work is focused on the assessment and treatment of patients with co-morbid anxiety and mood disorders. Her research is focused on the development and evaluation of interventions that integrate cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and mindfulness based therapies (MBTs) for patients with anxiety and mood disorders. She is interested in mechanisms of change in CBT and MBTs such as changes in rumination, meta-cognition and emotion regulation. Dr. Key has published peer-reviewed journal articles and has made a number of presentations at scientific meetings.

Featured Publications

Key, B.L., & Bieling, P. (in press) Beyond DSM Diagnosis: The Pros and Cons of Cognitive Case Formulation. In D. Clark, The Research and Practice of Cognitive Behavioral Assessment. Guilford Press.

Key, B.L., Rowa, K., Drvaric, L., & Bieling, P. (2013, June). Mindfulness based cognitive therapy for residual anxiety symptoms in obsessive compulsive disorder patients. Paper presented at the annual meeting of the Canadian Psychological Association, Quebec City, QC. Mills, J., Jadd, R., & Key, B.L. (2012). Wanting a body that's better than average:  The effect of manipulated body norms on ideal body size perception. Body Image: An International Journal of Research.

Key, B.L., Ross, K.M., Bacon, S.L., Lavoie, K.L., & Campbell,T.S. (2009). Depressed affect is associated with poorer cardiovascular recovery in young women following a mental stressor. Annals of Behavioral Medicine, 38 (2), 154-159.

Key, B.L., Campbell, T.S., Bacon, S.L., & Gerin, W. (2008). The influence of state and trait rumination on cardiovascular recovery from and emotional stressor. Journal of Behavioral Medicine, 31(3), 237-248.


  • Ph.D., University of Calgary

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