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Schizophrenia Division

Faculty and learners in the Schizophrenia Division provide person-centred, specialized mental health care for people with schizophrenia spectrum disorders. The Division is based at St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton West 5th Campus where there are specialized inpatient and outpatient services including the Cleghorn Early Intervention Clinic. The clinical focus of the Division is to support people with schizophrenia spectrum disorders to regain and manage their health, and to live hopeful, meaningful lives through the provision of compassionate, innovative, specialized mental health and addiction services. MD faculty are involved in training of learners from clerkship to fellowship, and interprofessional faculty and staff in the Division are involved in training and supervision of learners across the allied health professions including nursing, social work, occupational therapy, recreation therapy, pharmacy, spiritual care and psychology. Graduate students from the McMaster Neuroscience Program and from the Department of Psychology, Neuroscience and Behaviour are also involved in programs of research within the Division, where the focus is on elucidating the cognitive, neurobiological and social cognitive mechanisms underlying the illness, and on improving outcomes and enhancing recovery from schizophrenia.


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