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Where We Are Going

We have identified 3 strategic directions for the Department and within each Direction we have identified two priorities that will become the focus of our academic endeavours.

Potential FOCI of Activities

  • Changing Trajectories

    Overall goal: To discover, evaluate and disseminate approaches that assist an individual or a population to receive the mental health care they require and move between services in the most timely manner


    Priority Focus: Prevention, early detection and intervention across the lifespan

    • Promoting healthy child development and resilient communities that will enable every child to fulfil their potential
    • Intervening earlier with youth and with seniors
    • Using “Big Data”
    • Exploring the potential of Staging, biomarkers and personalized treatments

    Emerging: Preventing violence and the impact of trauma

    • Reducing the likelihood of family violence and abuse and the impact of adverse childhood events and other trauma (Prevention of Violence Across the Lifespan – PreVAiL)
    • Focusing on adverse childhood events and the integration of child and adult approaches
    • Continuing research with veterans and first responders coping with PTSD and trauma – includes our partnership with Homewood

  • Integrating Psychiatry across Medicine and Healthcare

    Overall goal: To increase the awareness, skills and capacity of other specialties of the roles that mental health and addiction problems can play in the onset, management and prevention of medical conditions

    Priority Focus: Collaborative partnerships with other specialties

    • Building research collaborations with other specialties
    • Expanding our partnership with Primary Care and Public Health

    Emerging:  Develop excellence in addiction research, education and clinical care

    • Building a world-renowned centre that integrates research, education and clinical care

  • Empowering Individuals, Families and Communities

    Overall goal: To build resilience in individuals, families and communities, and increase their capacity to manage the mental health and addiction problems they encounter

    Priority Focus: Innovation in Education and Knowledge Translation

    • Building the capacity for effective mental health care and education across the University
    • Facilitating the transfer of knowledge from academic settings to the community

    Emerging:  Improving access and transitions for vulnerable populations

    • Reducing disparities and improving access for vulnerable populations in Hamilton, Canada and internationally
    • Promoting person and family-centred care


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