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How We Get There

This approach will provide a framework for our activities so that they complement and enrich each othe and will bring our faculty, learners, programs and divisions together in new partnerships and alignments, which will:

  • Be inclusive and integrative
  • Build upon our strengths
  • Promote individual initiatives and new ideas
  • Integrate our various sources of data and resources
  • Maintain the person and their family as our central focus

Individual initiatives and new ideas will be encouraged, supported and given the opportunity to benefit from collaborative partnerships. By being inclusive and integrative we can learn what our colleagues in the Department, as well as those in different departments and faculties, are doing. We will offer a place for all to share, broaden the discussion, and increase the likelihood of success in funding competitions.
We also are building on our strengths and expanding our traditions of collaboration and partnerships, innovation, understanding systems and system linkages and excellence in education, but our three will increasingly define who we are and how we are seen. And our work will be supported by two “platform” activities that will underpin all three strategic directions. Knowledge translation and dissemination; and influencing policy
To successfully implement our strategic directions, we will maintain a strong foundation of financial stability, efficient administrative processes, and a collegial environment. This includes collaborative partnerships across the Faculty of Health Sciences, McMaster University and with our community; an emphasis on career development which includes our mentoring and leadership programs; transparency, clarity and timeliness in all our communications; and creating a climate of exploration and enquiry, coupled with mutual support and respect, where everyone feels valued, challenged and encouraged to contribute and which brings out the best in each of us.

Talk to Us

We are interested in faculty engagement and would appreciate your comments and feedback on our strategic direction implementation.


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