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Ram Mishra


Dr. Ram Mishra is a Professor in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioural Neurosciences at McMaster University and a core member of Medical Sciences and MiNDS Graduate Programs. Before coming to McMaster, he was a CIHR(MRC) funded post-doctoral fellow at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, New York. He has won numerous prizes and career awards for his research work.

Featured Publications

  • J. Piazza, T. Hoare, L. Molinaro, K. Terpstra, J. Bhandari, R. Selvaganapathy, B. Gupta,R.K. Mishra. Intranasally Administered Lectin Functionalized poly(ethylene glycol)-blockpoly(D,L)-lactic-co-glycolic acid (PEG-PLGA) Nanoparticles for the Treatment of Schizophrenia. European journal of pharmaceutics and biopharmaceutics. 87(1):30-9, 2014.PMID 24560967.
  • R.P. Daya, J.K. Bhandari, P.A. Hui, Y. Tian, T. Farncombe, and R.K. Mishra. Effects of MK-801 treatment across several pre-clinical analyses including a novel assessment of brain metabolic function utilizing PET and CT fused imaging in live rats. Neuropharmacology, 77:325-33, 2014. PMID: 24140927.
  • D. Basu, Y. Tian, J. Bhandari, J.R. Jiang, P. Hui, R.L. Johnson, and R.K. Mishra. Effects of the Dopamine D2 Allosteric Modulator, PAOPA, on the Expression of GRK2, Arrestin-3, ERK1/2, and on Receptor Internalization. PloS one, 8(8): e70736, 2013. PubMed ID 23940634.
  • M. L. Tan, B.A. Dyck, J. Gabriele, R. P. Daya, N. Thomas, C. D. R. Sookram, D. Basu, M. Ferro, and R. K. Mishra. Synapsin II Expression in the Dorsolateral Prefrontal Cortex of Brain Specimens from Patients with Schizophrenia and Bipolar Disorder. Pharmacogenomics.14(1): 63-9, 2013. PMID 23529008.
  • M.G.R Beyaert, R.P. Daya, B.A. Dyck, R.L. Johnson and R.K. Mishra. PAOPA, a potent dopamine D2 receptor allosteric modulator, prevents and reverses behavioral and biochemical abnormalities in an amphetamine-sensitized preclinical animal model of schizophrenia. European Neuropsychopharmacology. 23, 253-262, 2013. PMID 22658400.


  • Ph.D., Memorial University, 1973
  • M.Sc., LSU Medical Center, 1970
  • B.Sc., Udaipur University, 1965

Research Areas

Molecular mechanisms involved in pathogenesis of schizophrenia and Parkinson’s disease.

Drug development for the treatment of mental and neurological illnesses

Blood test for the early diagnosis of neurodegenerative diseases.

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