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Undergraduate Clinical Clerkship in Psychiatry

The Psychiatry clerkship core rotation provides clerks with a range of experiences and exposures. This enables the acquisition of essential knowledge and skills for recognizing and managing psychiatric and medical issues, irrespective of the diverse medical settings clerks may move to in their medical careers. The purpose of the Psychiatry clerkship is to provide clerks with a range of experiences and opportunities to enable them to recognize and begin to manage psychiatric problems they are likely to encounter in the diverse medical settings they will navigate as physicians. 

The Psychiatry clerkship rotation is a six-week rotation during which students are exposed to various psychiatric settings. The rotation comprises several components, including a core clinical placement, Psychiatry emergency room on-call experience, and a mandatory academic day which includes a series of special lectures and tutorial sessions of various formats.  An orientation session will be held on the first day of the rotation to review the core Psychiatry rotation and its related components.  Follow this link to the Clerkship Handbook: Medportal

We look forward to hosting you for your Psychiatry core clerkship rotation!

Psychiatry Core Clerkship Objectives

Building on knowledge and skills learned during earlier units, (particularly MF5), by the end of this core rotation, the clerk should be able to:

  • Demonstrate knowledge of the clinical features, epidemiology, etiology, diagnosis, differential (including medical), and assessment/management of:

  • Employ procedures and clinical skills so as to be able to:

  • Practice non-stigmatizing attitude and advocacy towards those experiencing mental illness in demonstrating:

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