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Undergraduate Electives

The Department of Psychiatry and Behavioural neurosciences offers elective opportunities for Undergraduate learners interested in a psychiatry a clinical experience in our many general and subspecialty areas.  We have dedicated supervisors throughout Hamilton and the surrounding areas who are committed to providing stimulating and enriching clinical experiences designed to meet individual learner’s goals.  We have placement opportunities in general inpatient or outpatient, subspecialty placements both inpatient and outpatient range in areas including Mood, Anxiety/Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Women’s Health, Addictions, Child & Adolescent, Schizophrenia, Eating Disorders, Forensics, Geriatric, Psychiatry Emergency Service and more.   For questions about potential elective placements or a career in Psychiatry, please contact the Psychiatry Clerkship Director, Dr. Natasja Menezes (

McMaster Students-Booking Block Electives in Psychiatry 

The Department of Psychiatry and Behavioural Neurosciences offers block elective opportunities to McMaster Medical Students. Please book your psychiatry block elective request through MedSIS.  If possible indicate the area/s of psychiatry you have an interest in being placed. Unfortunately we cannot grant specific preceptor requests. Our Education Coordinator will do her best at placing you in your area of interest. At times due to the volume of request we may have to divide your time between preceptors and at high volume request times may cap the total number of requests accepted so please apply early to avoid disappointment.

For more information on possible elective placements: 
McMaster Block Electives Placement Guide Nov 2017

McMaster Students-Booking Horizontal Electives in Psychiatry

All McMaster PSYCHIATRY HORIZONTAL ELECTIVES must be booked centrally through our Education Coordinator. Please do not contact preceptors directly

How to apply/register:

  • Review our Horizontal Electives Guide 2018 for an idea of the varied clinical settings psychiatry has to offer for a horizontal placement
  • Once you have an idea of your areas of interest contact Lisa Kennedy our Education Coordinator at ( to specify these areas and the dates you would be available for placement
  • We require a minimum of 8 hours either in one day or over a couple of days for our horizontal placements.  Placements longer than the minimum 8 hours have to be booked in multiples of 8 hours (eg 8, 16, 24 etc).
  • Do not book your horizontal directly with our supervisors.  Our Education Coordinator Lisa Kennedy will contact our staff directly to request placement and connect you with a supervisor once you are placed.  Be sure to contact the supervisor once you are connected to discuss the exact dates and times of your horizontal placement
  • Once the date/s are set please be sure to log the placement into MedSIS prior to the first placement date 
  • Although you most likely will be observing in your placement the MD office still requires a paper evaluation to be completed by your supervisor at the end of your placement.  Please be sure to print off and take the Summary of Student Elective Performance Form with you to your horizontal for completion.  Return your completed evaluation to Deb Klunder in the MD office 
  • Send our Education Coordinator Lisa Kennedy ( a quick email detailing exact dates and times of your placement with each supervisor once you have completed them to ensure your supervisors receive proper credit

Visiting Canadian & International Students-Booking Psychiatry Electives

Applications will be processed by the MD Program office only, not arranged by the learner directly with the department/division.  For information regarding your initial application please contact the visiting electives office: 

Once the MD Program finalizes your initial request Psychiatry is sent a placement request to approve/decline through the AFMC student portal.  If accepted the Education Coordinator will contact you to narrow down your preferences for area of placement.  

At times due to the volume of request we may have to divide your time between preceptors and at high volume request times may cap the total number of requests accepted so please apply early to avoid disappointment.

To view possible elective placement areas:
Visiting Electives Placement Guide 2017

How to apply/register:

Follow the link below to apply for psychiatry elective at McMaster University.
Undergraduate (Canadian or International Schools)

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